malarky joe and the iraq and afghanistan withdrawals

So old Malarky Joe brought up a point I hadn’t heard before about having hard and well-publicized dates for withdrawal of forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. My previous cynical view was that the administration simply wanted to get out as a sop to its base, and because dear leader simply didn’t want to be bothered with the decisions that come with dealing with bad guys who weren’t either the tea party or republican.

Joe’s justification for the date-certain withdrawal is to let the Iraq and Afghanistan governments that “[i]t’s their responsibility to take over their own security”, which sounded reasonable, as most sophisms do. The huge flaw in that premise finally struck me today – it’s the foreign relations equivalent of social promotion in schools where kids are moved from grade to grade whether they’ve mastered the material or not.

Given the current trajectory of the conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the middle east in general), does anybody honestly see this turning out well?

Interestingly, as Biden laid out the case for Obama and his foreign policy, the points he made in favor of it – the date-certain withdrawals instead of withdrawals based on conditions on the ground, focusing on Bin Laden instead of the larger al qaida threat – all seemed like the case for Romney to me. Logic and recent history argue that the parties in the region that regard us as the great satan (yet happily accept our “tainted” billions in aid) are more than happy to wait for 2014, and that dear leader’s “Gutsy Call” ™ to take out bin laden had no effect on al qaida, which is becoming a greater threat every day.

Guess I just don’t understand the “reality-based” party’s logic.


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