adventures in dev – part III

Today’s episode – down the rabbit hole.

Following some links that turned up in yesterday’s search for requirement guidelines, I came across yourdon.com, Ed Yourdon’s “structured analysis wiki”, and specifically chapter nine, which covers data flow diagrams.

That led me today to play around with how to handle messages inside the app. One of the app’s elements is a number pad, and while I want to centralize message/event handling, I don’t want each key in the number pad to be propagated through. I’m still working in SWT, so my approach is to make the number pad composite the listener for key elements, and then define an action event that the number pad will pass on to the main message bus.

The upshot of all this is that I didn’t get any further through “Code Complete”, and illustrates the typical developer’s workflow where goals are easily derailed by a bright shiny “ooh, I need to see how this works” sidebar.


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