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Adventures in dev – part II

Today counted as either a reasonable detour into game development fundamentals and generating good requirements, or a lost day of link following.

The pursuit of a good requirements approach was triggered by “Code Complete” being very upfront about needing requirements, but not going into depth about how to create workable requirements, instead focusing on “construction” fundamentals.

Reading up on game development was prompted by my realizing I didn’t want to approach user input and other events in an ad-hoc way.

Coming tomorrow – maybe some code spikes (fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, coders gotta code).


electric cars and the CBO

Via comes a report from the CBO that for a mere $7,500,000,000 through 2019, we can subsidize the purchase of cars that are over-priced under-performers compared to their internal combustion counterparts, and will have no net effect on vehicle emissions.

Bonus – another article on applies (gasp) common sense to the costs (monetary and environmental) over the lifetime of the Chevy Volt (or as it ought to be known, the obamacar).

Ah, reality – the concrete wall in the crash test facility that is government-directed industry.


Adventures in dev – part I

More time to sit around, with a hobby project on my mind. I want to write an android app (points for originality!) that could occupy my boys. I’ve dabbled a little in android dev, but the bulid-deploy-test process with the android emulators was so slow it would kill momentum, or make me try to add too much between runs on the emulator.

My “why wouldn’t this work” notion for solving this is to write the app as a plain java SWT app, hopefully successfully separating UI-specific code from app code such that I can develop the app itself less painfully, and then only have to deal with SWT-to-android UI changes during final development on the emulator.

The other part of this exercise will be to attempt to follow the development methodology described in “Code Complete” to give myself some structure I might not otherwise use for a project like this.

So today, I’ll get through the first chapters of the book, until I get to I get to something actionable, and then use that. My goal is to get through one part of the book each day. Much like my January 02 post where I planned to post something every day, we’ll see how this goes.

end-of-day report
Got through chapter 3 today, and added some revisions to the app “requirements”, and ran across some good guidelines for the high-level design.