So, it’s 2012

It had been on my mind anyway, but I ran across this (ht instapundit), so my goal is to post something every day this year.

Today was an adventure in DIY – I changed the front brake rotors and pads, and also changed the spark plugs in my hemi-powered station wagon. Surprisingly, the brake work went really well, although I had the same reaction when I changed the fronts on the Cobra – it’s not until I’m done that I remember that brakes are a service item, and therefore have been engineered for ease of replacement. The spark plug swap was a little more involved – 2 plugs per cylinder, and the hemi center-of-the-chamber design made for a deep hole to reach them. It went slowly but well up until the last one, and in my haste to start the car and see if everything was working, I forgot to plug in the coil pack (no so-last-century distributor here), so I got a check engine light. Spotted the problem quickly, but even though the idle definitely smoothed out with all 8 cylinders firing, the light stayed on. Thanks to lxforums (where I also found excellent how-tos on brakes and plugs), it looks like the light should sort itself out with a couple of trips, so here’s hoping.


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