10 cars for people who hate cars

car qualifying features
honda element square shape, 166hp, 3,500lb – the designers were clearly inspired by an entirely different muse than the one that inspired the viper design team
nissan cube really square shape, 127hp, 2,800lb – put 15″ wheels and tires on it, and it would look almost (almost) as car-like as the first picture every kid draws of a car when he discovers crayons
toyota avalon not as nice as a lexus, fatter than a camry
toyota camry as has been noted by many car blogs, if beige were a car, it would be this one
toyota prius just seeing them on the road saps my will to live a little
volkswagen eos either the concept sketches looked a *lot* better, or the designers were fired from the nissan cube team for lack of imagination
chevrolet impala/malibu first, is there a difference between them? on the other hand, there’s actually something special about a car that you wouldn’t even want as a rental car
smart passion barely 40mpg, when its only purpose is economy (please tell me its only purpose is economy)

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