In the effort to not address the double standard applied to politicians based on what position they occupy on the left/right spectrum, some commentators have asked if the “flake” question directed to Michelle Bachmann was sexist.

But the elephant in the room is that Bachmann got the question because she’s a conservative. Would “nobody messes with”Joe Biden, or San Fran Gran Pelosi ever get that question? Does our dear leader worry that some member of the “independent” press might ask him if he really didn’t know which soldier actually lived to receive the medal of honor?

What we’ve got is a new “-ism” – I propose that any commentator/interviewer/pundit/debate moderator who displays this double standard be referred to as a politicist, and people like are on the receiving end be referred to as victims of politicism.

Too bad conservatives can’t bring themselves to play the victim card.


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