Winning the Future

Yes, really.  That’s the slogan President Obama rolled out at the state of the union address.  Maybe I’m a little sensitive, but for just about anybody who’s worked with computers or email in the last 15 years, the acronym WTF has a different meaning.  Surely the most media/tech/youth-savvy president in history would have a team that thinks this kind of thing through?

It also reminded me of President Ford’s doomed “Whip Inflation Now” (WIN) slogan.  Even as a kid, that just seemed to give off a “why even try” vibe, and this one seems even more so.

However, it does lend itself handily to haiku-ization (it’s left as an exercise for the reader to use the words or letters necessary to make the syllables fit):

W. T. F.?

WTF – really?

Really.  W. T. F..


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